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3 practices that changed everything!

3 practices that changed everything!

Years ago I learned that my brain releases chemicals....

If I think there is a threat it releases one to help me run faster.

If I think happy thoughts it releases another that helps me feel great.

Most of my life I believed that I had no control over which chemical my brain produced - it was as if some cosmic force was determining my feeling fate. I was told that I needed pills to make my brain produce the happy chemical. That was a lie!!!

Then I learned the truth! And it's SO amazing!!!

There are 3 simple practical practices that changed everything for me. I wasn't great at them when I started yet I saw the benefits right away.

1. Ask myself what I am focusing on. I literally ask myself this question over and over throughout the day. What are you focusing on Dixie? Is that what you want?

When we focus on something it is as if we are pointing our car in that direction. So, of course that is the direction we will travel. When I find myself focusing on what I don't want I quickly take the wheel and point myself in the direction I want to go.

2. Shoulders back, chest out, chin up and smile. This is a physical instruction to my brain that I want to feel great. Whenever I catch myself with shoulders slumping, chin down and no smile - I change that right now! Those send my brain the message that we are down and sad. Boo!

3. Be nice to me! Talk nice to me. Treat me kind. Be my friend. Tell myself things like : I love you. I forgive you. It's okay! Thank you! You're amazing. I had practiced self abuse for a really long time and I will never allow that again. You can't be who you were designed to be if you're beating the crap out of yourself all the time.

Practice makes progress!

The progress that these 3 practices have made has been phenomenal. =)


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